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What is electronic waste?
E-waste is an informal name for electronic products nearing the end of their “useful life.” E-waste is anything with a circuit board. Look for products with digital displays & programmable features. Examples include TVs, office equipment, kitchen appliances, household & bath appliances, computer equipment and consumer electronics.

Why should waste electronics be recycled?
Electronic devices contain a variety of materials, including metals that can be recovered for recycling. Recycling your waste electronics saves resources because new metals don’t have to be mined.

In addition, electronic devices contain high enough levels of certain materials, such as lead, that render them hazardous waste when disposed. Hazardous wastes cannot be disposed of in the garbage.

  • Organizations accepting electronics for reuse: for residents and businesses.
    If your item is working and can be reused, consider donating it to a local thrift shop or charitable organization.
  • Drop-off recycling options: for residents and businesses
    Contact your local transfer station to learn more about what electronic devices they will accept.


Most electronic devices cannot be disposed of in the trash or recycling bin but instead should be brought to an appropriate facility for recycling. The following devices are generally accepted for recycling at your local transfer station or recycling center, but check here to be certain before you go:

  • Computers
  • Monitors
  • Printers
  • TV’s
  • Scanners
  • Cell Phone

Electronic devices that contain batteries should be brought to the HHW facility in Ukiah or taken to one of the mobile HHW collection events. Details regarding these opportunities can be found on our calender page.


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