What Can I Recycle

This is a general guide to what can and cannot be recycled. For more information about the recycling options in your area please contact your franchise hauler or download our flyer here.

  Recycle DON’T Recycle
Plastic Bottles, jugs, bottles, rigid plastic buckets, plant pots Styrofoam containers or peanuts, tarps, hoses, PVC pipes, CD’s or DVD’s, bags or shrink wrap
Paper and other Fibers Newspaper, milk cartons, juice cartons, mixed mail, egg cartons, cereal boxes, cardboard, phonebooks, magazines Waxed cardboard, pizza boxes, frozen food boxes, tissue, paper cups
Metal Aluminum cans, foil, pots and pans, empty aerosol cans Batteries, electronics, propane cylinders
Glass Food and beverage containers Window glass, drinking glasses, mirrors
Other   Food, wet material, chip bags, chemicals, cleaners, lightbulbs, ceramic dishware, used oil, tires, syringes,

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