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By Solid Waste of Willits
May 14, 2021

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We appreciate those of you who have been diligent with recycling and working to take care of our environment.


Unfortunately, there are more and more customers who have not been following the program restrictions. Because we do not charge for recycling, contaminated recycle carts with trash, styrofoam, plastic bags, etcetera, have become an increasing large cost to our company. If contamination of carts is allowed to continue, this cost would have to be pushed onto all our customers in rate increases. We are not going to do this!


Our solution: Those who contaminate their recycle carts are going to be charged extra fees which are applied to the next billing. If the contamination continues, your recycle carts will be taken away, permanently, and you will not be allowed this service to be returned to you.

At SWOW, we have resources to assist you with successful recycling. You can find these resources on our website: or call our administrative offices for a pamphlet at 707-459-4845.


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